Have your very own 3.6m Bowling Alley at your next event!

Due to popular demand, we have built an outdoor/indoor friendly Bowling Alley that will be the WOW factor to impress every guest as they take turns bowling for a strike.

Skillfully made, the bowling alley comes apart into almost flat packed pieces for easy transport or movability.

This is the only game in our range that’s actually a smaller version then its original counterpart.


  • The  bowler rolls a bowling ball down a wood lane toward ten pins positioned in a triangle pattern at the far end of the lane.
  • The aim of the game is to knock down as many pins as possible.
  • Generally; One point is for every knocked over pin. Should you knock down every pin on your first (Strike) or second roll (Spare) see here on how to score:
  • The maximum score in a game of ten-pin is 300, scored by making 12 strikes in a row.



Ally – Length: 3.6m, Width: 0.6m
Pins – Height: 23cm

  • Bowling Alley Lane ( 3 pieces)
  • 10 Bowling Pins
  • 3 Bowling Balls