Yard Dice

Object of The Game

Yardzee is a fun game for all ages that essentially is a larger version of the classic board game Yahtzee. The object of Yardzee is to get the highest score from rolling the 5 yard dice. Each game has 13 rounds. In each round, there is one objective. To win, you must score once in each category.


To score, choose a category and record your score. Choose the category wisely—once a box has been scored, it cannot be scored again for the rest of the game (except the Yardzee category). The player with the highest score wins.

Upper Section Scoring: If you score in the upper section of the table, your score is the total of the specified die face. For example, if you roll: 5 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 5 and score in the Fives category, your total for the category would be 15. This total is gotten by adding only the three fives together, because you are scoring in the Fives category.

Bonus: If the total of the Upper scores is 63 or more, add a bonus of 35 points.

Lower Section Scoring: For scoring in the lower section, you either score a set amount or score 0 if you cannot meet the category requirements.

3 & 4 of a Kind: For 3 of a Kind, you must have at least 3 of the same die faces. For 4 of a Kind, you must have at 4 die faces the same. Score the total of all the dice.

Small & Large Straight: A Straight is a sequence of consecutive die faces. A Small Straight is 4 consecutive faces, and a Large Straight is 5 consecutive faces. Small Straights score 30 points, and a Large scores 40 points. If you rolled 2 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 4, you could score 30 in Small Straight, or 0 in Large Straight.

Full House: A full house is having both 3 of a Kind and 2 of a Kind. Full Houses score 25 points.

First Yardzee: A Yardzee is 5 of a Kind. It scores 50 points, but you may choose to not score it as a Yardzee. If you choose not to score it as a Yardzee, you can take it as a top row score and safeguard your bonus.

Additional Yardzees: If you roll a second Yardzee and you scored your first Yardzee in the Yardzee box, your second Yardzee is worth 100 points. You must also put this roll into another category. For example, if you roll 4 – 4 – 4 – 4 – 4, and the Fours category is not filled, you must score the Fours category. If the corresponding Upper category is filled, you must score zero anywhere on the Upper section.

Chance: You can roll anything and put it in the Chance category. You score the total of the die faces.

Scratch/Dump Scores: You can score any roll in any category at any time, even if the resulting score is zero.

  • 5 x solid timber dice
  • 1 x basket
  • Scoring sheet