Our Kerplunk is a giant version of the age old classic KerPlunk game, standing at 1.5m tall this game will test your skill, patience and luck as you carefully remove the sticks one by one with the aim of not letting those balls drop!


  • Sticks are inserted into the Kerplunk at random and the balls are added on top.
  • Players take turn removing a stick without making any of the balls fall.
  • The first stick a player touches is the one they have to remove.
  • If a ball falls during a players turn that ball is collected and added to their pile.
  • Once all balls have fallen the player with the least amount of balls in their pile wins.



Height: 1.5m, Width: 0.59m

  • Kerplunk Tower
  • Coloured balls
  • Sticks
  • Carry bag