How low can you go!?

Our wooden limbo is sure to test even the most flexible. Standing at 1.83m tall the lowest rung is only .5m from the ground.

This party pleaser is sure to get the crowd involved!


  • Select a starting height
  • Have players bend backwards and go under the stick without touching it. The goal of limbo is to successfully pass underneath the stick without letting it touch any part of your body.

  • Players cannot crouch, duck, or crawl to pass under, meaning they have to bend backwards to get beneath the pole.
  • After everyone has had a turn, lower the stick.
  • Disqualify a player if they fall over or touch the stick. In traditional limbo rules, a player is out if they touch the pole in any way or can’t keep their balance.



Width: 1.7m, Height: 1.83m

  • Limbo tower
  • Limbo stick