Heart Hookey


Described as a “safe darts” hookey challenges even the best gamers as you throw the rubber rings hoping to land  them on the hooks to score.

The Hookey stands at 1.8m tall and is enjoyable for any age.


  • Players throw from behind a line typically around 2.4 meters from the board.
  • The game is usually played to a pre-agreed total, usually 150 or 200.
  • Players take turns to throw six rings at the board; their total score is being recorded each time.
Around the Clock
  • Players throw a ring on each number in sequence starting with 1 and ending with 13.
Thirty One

Played in Kirkhampton, Cumbria during the latter half of the twentieth century. The aim of the game is simple – to score 31 exactly using 5 rings.

Players take turns to achieve this feat and the first one to do so, wins.



Stand – Height: 1.75m
Hookey Board – Width: 0.88m, Height: 0.78m

  • Hookey playing board
  • Easel for playing board
  • 6 rubber rings