They call it the most addictive game for a reason. Finska looks like an easy game but looks can be decieving.

After each toss of the throwing log, the pins are stood back up in the position they land, so as the game progresses the playing field grows larger and larger and the difficulty increases!


How to Play
  • Finska can be played individually or in teams.
  • The 12 numbered pins are stood in a tight cluster.
  • Place the carry crate 3-4 metres back from the pins to mark the throwing position.
  • From the throwing marks players take turns to toss the throwing log at the pins.
  • After each throw the score for that throw is determined and added to the teams score.


  • For every throw the number on the knocked down pins is added to the teams score.
  • The aim is to reach 50 points exactly
  • If a team exceeds 50 points their points drop back to 25.
  • If a team scores 0 three throws in a row they are disqualified.


  • Finska pins
  • Throwing pin
  • Carry case